MTAC, Full Moon, & Bustin’ on Broadway

Come and join the Tennessee Ghostbusters at the Nashville Convention Center and Renaissance Nashville Hotel as we celebrate a very entertaining multi-convention weekend March 29-31.  Just like in 2012, this year features two conventions in the same venue at the same time.  Currently we have members planning to attend both events all weekend long.  Links to both conventions are below.



We’re also planning to do a walk down Broadway in costume on Saturday night.  This will be our second annual “Bustin on Broadway” and it should be a lot of fun.  Note that the “Bustin’ on Broadway” is not a part of either convention.  It is just something we do for fun.

Be sure to let us know on the forums or our Facebook page if you’re planning to attend and want to meet up with us.    We’re always looking to meet with new potential members and this is a great way to do just that.

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Until Next Time, Doctor.

On October 19, 2011, we lost a dear friend. Ryan “Troop” Jones (TB-2400 and of course, our Ten) passed away after a short illness. To say that we all miss him is a gross understatement.

Ryan was one of those unique individuals who always left you with a smile on your face and even if you only met him once, he made you feel like you were one of his best friends. He made quite an impact on all of us, which in a way, really did make him like the Doctor. There are many of us who know each other because of him. It’s an amazing connection and every one of us is thankful for it.

Our friend Spaz said something that I think we should all take to heart:

“Try to be the shining beacon of goodness that Ryan was. I doubt any of us can match him, but think how much better the world would be if we all tried?”

Our hearts are with his fiance, Essay, his family and his friends during this time.

While our hearts are still saddened by the loss of our friend and fellow ‘buster, the Tennessee Ghostbusters are pleased to announce that we raised nearly $140 this past weekend at GMX through button sales and generous donations. We hope that this small contribution will help Essay and Ryan’s family with the many ongoing expenses resulting from his illness. If you would like to help, please consider going to to give in memory of this amazing man.

“One day, I will come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.” – The Doctor

We all await the day when we’ll see you again, on your next great adventure. Thank you for everything.

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COME TO DRAGON*CON! It’s PKE Surge time!

Courtesy our friends in the Georgia Ghostbusters


Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe!

This year, Dragon*Con will be held Labor Day weekend (September 2-5, 2011) in Atlanta, GA, and for the third year in a row DragonCon will also be the home to PKE Surge, the largest gathering of Ghostbuster fans this side of the Mississippi!

Dragon*Con is a 4 day event and PKE Surge will be a presence all 4 days, but the main day of our little con-within-a-con is Saturday. What can you expect? Well…

The day starts with the annual Dragon*Con parade, we already have over 60 Ghostbusters planning to march alongside at least 6 Ectomobiles!

Saturday night brings our annual NIGHT ON THE TOWN!

WHERE: Mellow Mushroom (400 W. Peachtree St | Map)
WHEN: Saturday, September 3, 2011
MEET: Outside the front lobby of the Hyatt at 7 p.m. EDT. We are walking as a group to the dinner.

Remember that cool little pizza joint where we had our Night on the Town dinner last year? They loved us! We’re going back!

It’s time to once again put down the throwers and traps, and stuff your face with some of the best pizza Atlanta has to offer!

Saturday night, you are cordially invited to eat and relax at Mellow Mushroom! Please leave your packs and gear behind, but if you’d like to throw on your flight suit, please do!

We are asking that you meet as a group in front of the Hyatt promptly at (or a little before) 7 p.m. We are leaving at that time. We encourage you to walk as a group to the restaurant.

You will be ordering on your own ticket, and please remember to tip nicely. These guys at MM are being very gracious to us once again. There will be plenty of pizza, salads, beer, calzones, hoagies … you name it! We’ll have a big room all to ourselves, so come and enjoy!

But the Night on the Town isn’t JUST about pizza and beer….there’s also AWARDS!

We are proud to announce the categories for the 2011 Crunch Awards!

The awards will be given away at a brief ceremony during the Night on the Town dinner
The awards are constructed and complete thanks to the magical skill and talent of Tennessee Ghostbuster Jaime Hitchcock!

The categories are a little different this year and are as follows.

“Iron Man Award” -Owner of the heaviest gear
“Best Representation of a Ghostbuster”
“Best Represented Female Ghosthead”
“Best New or Original Prop”

“How the Bayeeby?” -Best kids costume
“You Have Been a Bad Monkey!” -Best GB Villian Costume
“There’s Something You Don’t See Every Day.” -Most Unusual GB Costume
“The Traveler Has Come” -GB who made the longest trek to the con
“You Poor, Poor Man.” – Best Big D Impersonation

Just when you thought NJYD was dead…this award goes to the GB who had the most gear break, get crushed, or generally fall apart, primarily during the parade, but anytime at the con up to the dinner qualifies.

This goes to the owner of the Ecto who drove in from the greatest distance! Distances will be recorded during the parade lineup so you must run your ecto in the parade to win.

And finally, many Ghostbusters franchises, including ours like to help out charities. So we are proud to announce the first ever PKE Surge Charity Auction! Presented by..

The auction will be LIVE ONLY and will take place at the “Night on the Town” dinner, Saturday Sept. 3rd at the Mellow Mushroom.

The auction will benefit the Shriners Hospitals for Children (more on them here: )

And now, the items!

~ A new in package ComicCon Exclusive Ghostbusters II Ecto-1 plate by Diamond Select

~ A Matty Collector PKE Meter still in the unopened white box

~ An autographed pic of Slimer herself, Robin Shelby! (Special thanks to Brock and of course Ms. Shelby for the contribution!)

~ And yes…a PROTON PACK!!!!! The pack to be auctioned off is currently being built by Jairus Whitley. It will have lights but NO SOUND.

Chace Ambrose and Jairus Whitley will be at the dinner dressed in their finest old timey auctioneering outfits, so get ready to bid for a good cause!

So come on out to Dragon*Con and PKE Surge! We’re ready to believe you!

For more info on DragonCon check

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May 7th TNGB Doubleheader: The Whole Kid Festival & Free Comic Book Day

Hey everyone!  Grab your friends and get ready for a very full, very cool day.

On Saturday, May 7th, 2011, the Tennessee Ghostbusters will be participating in the Whole Kid Festival for Children’s Mental Health Week.  We will be at the Bicentennial Mall in Nashville, along with our friends, the 501st.The fun begins at 10:00 AM and runs till 2:00 PM. There will be activities, entertainment and information available for everyone. Also, it’s free! Bring the kids!

The Bicentennial Mall is located at 600 James Robertson Parkway in Nashville (37243).

For more information about the Whole Kids Festival, please visit their site: Vanderbilt Whole Kid Festival for Children’s Mental Health Week

After the Whole Kids Festival, we will be dispersing to three (!) comic shops in north Nashville to celebrate Free Comic Book Day with our friends from GMX (Geek Media Expo)!  Come see us!

You will find members of the TNGB at these shop locations:

Rick’s Comic City
2710 Old Lebanon Road #3
Nashville, TN 37214

Comix City Too!
1442 Gallatin Pike North
Madison, Tennessee 37115

The Great Escape: Madison
111 Gallatin Pike N # B
Madison, TN 37115-3701

Tell your friends and then bring them along!

Thanks, everyone!  We look forward to seeing you all this weekend. :D

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MidSouth Con March 25th – 27th!!

A few of the Tennessee Ghostbusters will be investigating some paranormal activity at MidSouth Con this weekend in Memphis, TN. If you see us say hello, we’re never to busy to shake a hand or two. Oh, and if you run into Egon…. you should ask him about the Twinkie. ;)

Check out more on MidSouth Con here!!  ==>

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FYI: It’s all wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey…stuff.

Just to keep everyone in the loop, I’ve finally updated the blog with four posts covering three events SO FAR. I still have three more to add, but for now, please do enjoy what we have to share.

In case you don’t feel like scrolling down, links are provided for your convenience:

~ Paranormal Scarefest
~ Ghostbusting at the Thoroughbred
~ Geek Media Expo (GMX) 2010 – Part One!
~ Geek Media Expo (GMX) 2010 – Part Two!

Read, comment and enjoy! Tell your friends! Share on Facebook and Twitter!

As always, we appreciate your support. Thanks, everyone!

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No Job Is Too Big, No Post Is Too Big

Greetings, everyone!

We’re slowly getting things up and running here–Sorting files, going through inspections, you know…  We’ve had quite a busy few months, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing things crop up here that date back to late summer and Halloween. You’re not going nuts and we still know how to read a calendar; there’s just a lot to catch up on!

In the meantime, you can visit our forum: TN-GB Forum, as well as “like” us on Facebook ( If you have a really short attention span, we’re on Twitter, too! @TNGhostbusters

Thanks for being patient with us!

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We’re ready to believe you!!

Welcome to the future home of the Tennessee Ghostbusters!

During this time we are still moving in and getting all the permits to help with all your paranormal needs. The forums are up and running, for the most part, so stop by and say hello!

Now, back to unpacking!

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Ghouls at Grassmere – The Nashville Zoo – October 30, 2010

In our first event doubleheader, we went straight from the Historic Franklin Pumpkinfest to the Nashville Zoo for Ghouls at Grassmere.  This is another annual event, taking place over several nights in October, leading up to Halloween.  The zoo closes at the normal time, resets, then reopens at dusk for all manner of trick-or-treaters.  There is a trick-or-treat trail (complete with map and prizes!) and in the very center of the zoo, there’s almost a carnival atmosphere–Games, hayrides, a dance and a bonfire.

Alright, GBs--Assemble! ..Wait, you got a little something on your shoulder there...

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Historic Franklin Pumpkinfest 2010

Every year, on the Saturday before Halloween (and sometimes ON Halloween), Historic Downtown Franklin, TN hosts its annual Pumpkinfest. It’s a day-long street festival, celebrating all things harvest and Halloween.  There is entertainment for everyone of every age, with musical acts at the stages at Five Points and Public Square, pumpkin painting contests for the kids, a chili cook-off and all kinds of games and crafts lined up all through the streets of downtown.  There are also costumes aplenty…

…and ghosts that need busting, of course.

What we have here is a Class Five Free-Roaming Vapor. Nasty little one, too.

There’s more after the jump! Check it out, won’t you?

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